Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tetsuo's Manhood: What Akira Has to Say About Masculinity

Akira is awesome, this has been a well accepted idea for some time now, it's got psychics, motorcycle fights, body horror, lots of violence, it's all pretty great and all pretty macho. But is this masculinity viewed positively in this movie? Well, sort of, kind of, but also not at all.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Top 7 Horror Protagonists

Ok, honestly, preambles to this kind of list is pointless, you read the title, you don’t need extra context, just read the list.

   Evil Dead (2013)

The 2013 remake of Evil Dead really played with your expectations of who the hero was, placing different actions done by the original hero, who you’d be a fool to think won’t come up, over various characters at various points. Who will the hero be? The really boring brother? The Johnny Depp looking teacher guy? The helpful nurse? That other chick who’s also in the movie? Or the most interesting character to watch in the rest of the movie, despite being the main villain so far? Glad they went with the last one. Her heroic turn at the end is so satisfying because all that she went through, drug withdrawal, tree rape, demonic forced self-harm, attack from nude demon monster person, and dismemberment, she finally literally says “I’ve had enough of this shit” and solves everything in 60 seconds.

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Insight that the Future gave The Flintstones

I'm not going to call this a mind blowing fan theory because I'm not Cracked and I am most certainly not Buzzfeed but I had recently stumbled upon some new insight on The Flintstones.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Top 10 Coolest Guns in Sci-Fi

Science Fiction is a useful genre to express where an artist sees humanity is headed, to explore how the humanity will react to new existential concepts and to show off bad ass guns. These are my top 10 coolest, most badass and generally best projectile weapons in the history of sci-fi, keep in mind that I'm only including one gun per movie, or movie series.

"It's impossible to hit anything farther than 15 yards. Impossible to miss anything closer. It's a gun for fuck-up turkeys."
The blunderbuss is not a gun for the skilled or those who like to plan attacks ahead, it's the epitome of a 'close encounters' type gun. Maybe I'm only including it because it looks really cool but that's because it looks really cool.

The Gun's Best Moment:
Joe shows he knows what his gun's good for.

Minority Report
Sonic Gun
Much like the movie's puke creating sick stick this is a 'non-lethal' weapon used by the police department in the future. The Sonic Gun uses a sonic pulse to launch whatever's in front of you onto its ass, plus you do a cool spin to reload it. Despite likely being very easy to kill somebody with this it's meant merely to knock back and incapacitate. 

The Gun's Best Moment:
Tom Cruise decides to use his perusers weapon on themselves.

Modified AKM
Sometimes it's not the gun but the ammunition. This gun is really just a modern day AKM gun with special sights that allow you detect targets' locations but what it does with that info is what makes this gun kick ass. In the film the gun is loaded with airburst ammunition that explodes right before hitting the target, making this essentially the world's most accurate grenade launcher, even if it does tend to jam.

The Gun's Best Moment:
Matt Damon manages to kick ass with the gun despite having no idea what he's doing.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Zelda Movie Guillermo del Toro Already Made

Guillermo del Toro is one director I've always wanted to make movies based off of video games, he seems to have the right style that fits with much of the more creative gaming titles, like the works of Team Ico, and a passion for gaming. Del Toro is also one of those directors who has a long line of movies he wants to do so him doing a video game movie in the near future seems unlikely but luckily he already made one! Guillermo del Toro's 2008 super hero movie Hellboy II: The Golden Army is a more faithful adaptation of The Legend of Zelda series than any video game movie has been to any of its source material. Don't believe me? I came prepared with this handy infographic! 

Convinced? No? Shut up, I don't have anything to prove to you.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Top 10 Trailers of 2013

I haven't seen every movie in 2013, I plan on getting caught up at some point, but I've seen a metric ton of movie trailers. Despite being really nothing more than an advertising tool they have their own merit and reasons to be enjoyed. So, since somebody had to, here are my picks for the top 10 movie trailers of 2013. Keep in mind these have to be judged by their own merit, ignoring the quality of the film they're advertising. Also, it also should do more than hype me up for the movie; hell, all a Captain America 2 trailer has to do to hype me up is remind me that there is a Captain America 2 coming out.  These trailers have to stand on their own.

Pacific Rim

This trailer works because, much like the movie it's showcasing, it knows what to deliver. It lets us know that the movie has monsters, robots and fights with monsters and robots. Idris Elba's speech and the final money shot of a robot hitting a monster with the best make shift baseball bat style weapon since Cabin in the Woods fill the watcher with the kind of child-like giddiness that gets you itching for to buy a ticket to the next show. Also, "Go big or go extinct." deserves a place in movie tagline hall of fame, whoever thought of that needs a big ass bonus, they're damn good at their job.

Upstream Colour

Primer, Shane Carruth's directorial debut, was a very confusing movie that many have watched without comprehending if any events are even occurring on screen. When advertising his similarly experimental second film this trailer confuses its viewer while entrancing them, despite a lack of any idea why. Throw in some fast past editing and you have my #9 best trailer of the year.

 The Wolf of Wall Street

Sometimes the best way to advertise your movie is to bombard the audience with information and this trailer sure has a lot of information thrown as fast as possible, each thing topping the ridiculous thing that came before, it definitely sets the mood and theme of the movie and it effectively pulls the audience in while doing so.